Photo submission Guidelines

Please be selective when choosing your pictures for submission. 

* I do not offer Backgrounds on my family portraits, this includes any figures that are not people such as vehicles, or building structures.  People will be drawn "as is" according to their appearance in the pictures you submit.  If you wish to change anything about the position or the way they are standing, please specify in the detail section.  If the original positioning does not work for the style of portrait you selected,  I may arrange them as I see fit for the portrait you have selected, but PLEASE only submit pictures that are the best representation of how you want the individuals portrayed in the painting i.e. how they wear their hair , facial hair or no facial hair etc. Clothing is easy to change, However, if they are wearing a hat please send an additional reference picture without their hat if you do not want the hat included (reference pictures do not count as "combining multiple pictures”.

DO NOT submit cropped photos unless you want your portrait cropped.  

DO NOT submit black and white photos

If there are people wearing hats, or their hair in a ponytail and you do not want them to be wearing them, please submit additional “reference pictures” of those individuals without wearing them.  REMEMBER I CANNOT GUESS THE COLOR  OR HAIR STYLE OF A PERSONS HAIR IF ITS COVERED. 

Please make sure pictures are clear so that I can see detail clearly.

If you have a question about whether a picture will work or not, please feel free to email me the picture in question prior to submitting it.